Speakers that really ROCK, no kidding. The Niles RS6 Pro waterproof outdoor speaker sounds great and will hold up in any weather. Designed for extreme environmental conditions like UV exposure and water resistance. The unique  textures and colors that are fashioned after natural rocks. Shaped grilles match the features on the front of the rock, making them blend into the rock cabinet. All of this attention to detail enables the these waterproof loudspeakers to blend in with your yard, your pool, or deck and disappear.

The RS6 Pro features a 1″ Teteron dome tweeter for crisp highs and a 6-1/2″ TCC (talc, carbon and ceramic) injected polypropylene woofer for rich midrange and bass. Niles mounts the drivers closer behind the grille than most rock speaker manufacturers for more accurate and awesome sound. The tweeter designed angled upwards so the highs are aimed at the listener and not the ground. There is no doubt the Niles Rock Speaker is beautifully designed and made to rock, making it a  Best of Breed product. Buy a pair and place them around your patio and they’ll pump out the tunes to keep your guests smiling and dancing to the tunes at your next cookout or pool party.

Niles RS6 Pro Weatherproof Rock Loudspeaker