Meet our new kitchen favorite! This new Ronco Ready Grill [$120] is an indoor, smokeless grill that offers all of the delicious “grilled” flavor, plus the satisfaction, of a quality meal in just minutes. You can cook frozen foods straight from the freezer. Every guy needs this essential gear in their kitchen. We loaded it up with 2-1/2 inch steaks with all the fixins and they were ready in 15-20 minutes. But it’s not just a great cooking machine, the removable Grill Basket and Drip Tray made cleanup easy. The Ready Grill features a  vertically suspended grill basket abreast two heat reflector shields that employs infrared light to cook meats, vegetables and more from the inside out. Speaking of Ready… are you ready for some math? Microwave speeds + conventional flavor + easy cleaning = WINNING!

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