Rollors [$39.95] is taking the outdoor leisure game world by storm. If you like Cornhole, you will love Rollors. The playing pieces for Rollors are round wooden discs that you to roll across the playing surface. The playing surface can be grass, sand or anywhere you can get a good roll on. Similar to Bocce, Shuffleboard, or Curling you roll your Rollor at a target, but there’s so much more to it than just that. A game that combines skill and chance, the object is to toss your Rollers closest to the goal ( the pyramid piece ). The challenge is rolling your piece with the right combination of speed and accuracy. Playing on grass adds an additional element of difficulty! Each Rollor has two different numbers on it. If you toss your Rollor closest to the goal, you could score the high number, or the low number depending on which side is up/down. Scoring also depends on proximity to the goal, whether the Rollor lies flat or on it’s side, and if the Rollor is touching the goal piece. Rollors is easy to learn and is an awesome party game.

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