ROK Espresso Maker

The ROK Espresso Maker [$199.00] brings you a remarkably pleasant way to enjoy espresso – no power cords, no bulky counter top waste of space machines, it’s a hands-on creative solution for making espresso the way you like it. You choose the coffee, you select the grind, you provide the power. It’s also easy to transport, if your going on vacation or going camping for the weekend all you need is some water, a fresh ground bag of espresso coffee and your ROK. By using hand-powered pressure, espresso making becomes a more engaging pleasure. Made of high quality engine-grade metal, the ROK Espresso Maker comes with a 10 year guarantee, ensuring years of fresh and eco-friendly espresso coffee. Upon pressing our first batch of espresso with the ROK Espresso Maker, we knew immediately that it deserved the Uber Apparatus “Best of Breed” award.

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