RocketSkates [$499-$699] are the world’s first electric skates that enable you to cruise around town at up to 12 miles per hour, completely hands-free! Geared toward consumers 16 years and older, RocketSkates are light-weight and controlled with your feet by simply tilting the skates forward to accelerate and tilting back on your heel to apply the brakes. Available in three models, RocketSkates run for a duration of 45 to 90 minutes with a range of six to 10 miles before recharging. The strap-in design allows you to wear them over your shoes and the skates come with adjustable footplates for men and women of all foot sizes.

RocketSkates weigh just seven pounds each and are small enough to fit into a backpack. Each skate has two hub motors controlled by an on-board microprocessor, and are powered by a lithium-ion battery pack. The skates communicate with each other so they maintain the same speed and behavior. Connect RocketSkates to a smartphone (iPhone or Android) via the ACTON App to monitor the skates and their performance. A Software Developer Kit (SDK) is available for developers interested in creating games and app features for RocketSkates.

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