If you or someone you know enjoys cigars, then the Riverton Travel Leather Cigar Case [$174.95] is a must have. Think about it… you don’t carry your cell phone in a shoebox or your laptop in a grocery bag. So why in the heck would you keep your cigars in a cheap, plastic humidor? Meet Buffalo Jackson’s cigar case. The design is sleek on the outside, but all business on the inside. At home in a briefcase or a saddlebag, the full-grain leather materials are meant to last for decades. It is crafted from 100% full-grain leather. The Riverton has adjustable interior leather straps (fits 10 cigars), two removable magnetic leather pouches for lighters and cigar cutters, a removable humidifier with some seriously stout and thick zippers. This is a tough and manly as it gets. Break this bad-boy out and every man in the room will feel a little less adequate. This is one of the best designer cigar cases ever!

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