It’s easy to see that Ridgemont Outfitters created the Monty [$99] with both urban aesthetic and rugged durability in mind. I really dig the classic design. It combines the essential technical qualities found in a hiking shoe with visually appealing kicks to wear for everyday off-trail adventures. It features a half cup outsole on an exposed EVA midsole with a heel stabilizer and a stylish upper made from oiled suede and high grade nylon. Suede is naturally very abrasion resistant, but it’s not very water resistant, so Ridgemont treats theirs with oil to make it ready for whatever you throw at it. All Ridgemont shoes are stitched together with non-wicking thread in order to prevent the cotton from pulling moisture through the upper into the lining. As the natural fibre thread gets moist it expands slightly to ‘block’ the stitch hole and seal the moisture out. These shoes have been Uber Tested an are absolutely Uber Apparatus!

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