Shoveling snow can be a chore, to say the least. But you can ease the burden and make it fun with a Rechargeable Snow Shovel [$249.95]. It’s a powered shovel that clears snow without requiring any lifting. With its 500-watt motor that rotates a two-blade paddle auger, tossing snow up to 25′ away, you’ll be busting through the powder like scarface with this “little friend”. The shovel cuts effortlessly through wet, heavy snow or light, fluffy accumulation to quickly clear a 13″-wide by 6″-deep path. The shovel has a second handle halfway down the shaft and the entire unit weighs less than 15 lbs., allowing you to easily carry it up stairs and remove snow from a porch. The over 6′-long contoured shaft provides ergonomic comfort and reduces the need to hunch over, mitigating back discomfort. Its removable, rechargeable battery provides about 50 minutes of shoveling after a three-hour charge.

Buy: Hammacher Schlemmer