And just like that, the Virtual Reality wars have begun.

Firing a shot across the bow of Oculus (the company responsible for getting many people excited about virtual reality again, after the myriad flops of the 90s), Sony has just announced that they’re building a VR headset for the PS4.

Sony is calling it “Project Morpheus”, for now — a nod to the character from the Matrix, presumably.

Lest you think that Sony’s just hopping on the VR bandwagon now that Oculus has sparked a bit of popularity: according to Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, they’ve been tinkering with VR prototypes ever since they started working on the Playstation Move back in 2009. Back then, though, they were literally duct taping move controllers to their heads. In 2010, they created an internal group just for VR.

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