Are you into puzzles and solving physical problems then lock sport might be for you? To learn the sport you need a reliable set of picks that are ideal for learning. We have a professional lock pick set that contains 24 different tools. This complete kit contains the below packed in a portable black case. 10 Mixed Picks (Multiple Hooks, Diamonds, Half Diamond, Dimple Rake, Half Balls), 9 Auto Picks including a Double Sided Auto Entry Tension Tool and 4 Tension Wrenches(Varying Widths and Lengths). When looking for your first set try to find a set with a wide variety of options so you can try a few different techniques with different options. It is a blind puzzle so a real mental challenge. Ike every new skill it takes time to master but rewarding once you have achieved proficiency.

Buy a Professional 24 Piece Lock Pick Set, free international shipping included.