Prodigy D5 Proto [$15.99] uses Prodigy’s 400 series plastic and is the most under stable of all of the Prodigy drivers to date. Getting it to hyzer-flip is effortless and it always seems to end with a smooth right to left roll. I threw it both RHBH and Flick and the results were pleasing either way. I think having a grooved lip made both the tomahawk and thumber shots quite effective. I was very impressed with this disc. I’ve heard others saying it wasn’t all that under-stable but I didn’t necessarily find that to be the case. I found myself wanting to throw the D5 a lot this morning, even though I had 5 new discs I was trying out. I probably threw the D5 40 % of the time.  The Prodigy D5 is great and has been Uber-Tested and is Uber-Awesome!

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