SO the Uber crew got a chance to try out, first-hand a new product on Kickstarter, Premium Boxer Briefs made by the Comfortable Boxers Co. We wore them for a day and 10 out of 10 male staff members agree these are the most comfortable damn boxers any of us have ever worn, no lie! What makes them so awesome? For starters you are getting ridiculous comfort at a fair price and the boxers are made with superior fabric found in major premium underwear brands. How do they do it for so little money? Through its business model the company is able to price its boxer briefs at only $15 a pair. Yup, fifteen bucks of ahhh… pure heaven. The boxer briefs focus on three major areas of comfort, including the waistband, stitching and fit, to truly eliminate discomfort, wedgies or roll-ups. In other words, no adjusting your bizniss or picking out wedgies in the club. Just kick back and enjoy the ride with Premium Boxer Briefs.

Pledge $13 or more and get your own boxer briefs on Comfortable Boxers’ Kickstarter