Powerslayer [$39] is a USB charger that has embedded software that allows it to power off and back on, automatically. By doing so, is delivers power only as your device needs it. Why is that a big deal? Well for one, it protects your device from overcharging but it is also eco-friendly because it eliminates wasted power. Think about how many devices in the world are plugged it right this second, but are fully charged. With regular charging gear, it is just wasting precious resources. The triangular LED indicator glows orange when your device is charging, green when it is fully charged, and no light means your device is charged but not drawing wasted power. It delivers 2 Amps of clean power to rapidly charge any USB device, from smartphones to power-hungry tablets. This is one smart charger that goes beyond technology though. Every surface detail, texture and finish was considered during the design process.

The available Velvetwire USB Cords [$19] they offer are also top-notch. Luxurious is the best way to describe them. They are tangle-free, braided cloth USB cables that connects your device to the Powerslayer. Their sailing inspired accessories are all custom Velvetwire designs and colors exclusively for the Powerslayer.

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