Poorboy’s World waxing and detailing products are renowned for their take on the “simple but effective”. With Poor Boys the focus isn’t on fancy packaging, or over the top logos, but on a high quality product that you can use with ease and gets the job more than done in a highly effective manner. The folks at Yourcarparts are stockists of these fantastic products, that extend beyond waxes and sealants, everything from polishes, micro cloths, swirl removers, glass cleaners for different sorts of windscreens and a whole lot more. Poorboy’s has always focused on giving car lovers what they want and that’s not showy labels, it’s a shiny car that’s the envy of all those around for that bit less. Money saved on expensive marketing is passed onto the consumer, allowing them a glistening whip for less effort and cost.

Buy Poorboy’s World Waxing & Detailing products at Your Car Parts – it’s a sure fire way to a perfect cut auto.