So you are cooking a romantic dinner for your girl and it’s going great until you feel last night’s buffalo wing marathon  brewing up a big massive in the old colon. You can’t risk blowing up the bathroom and ruining the mood with your waste of a good cleveland steamer’s nasty stench wafting around your house. That’s when you need to have some Poo-Pourri [$10]  stashed in the old  penalty box. Poo-Pourri is the before-you-go bathroom spray that will end unpleasant smells, stop embarrassing odors, and save relationships. Poo~Pourri’s secret blend of essential oils and other natural compounds eliminates bathroom odors by creating a protective film on the water’s surface, trapping odors below and stopping bathroom odor BEFORE it starts. If you don’t know a few people who could REALLY use some Poo-Pourri, consider yourself lucky. “Hot” Carl Trowell – our Fall intern – can thank Poo-Pourri for saving his job. He literally creates a sensory horror movie when visiting the men’s room. Now that we’ve placed some “Heavy Doody” in there. We have agreed to let him stick around til the end of the year

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