There’s a lion in my pocket, and baby he’s ready to roar. Well, it’s not an actual lion, it’s a Bluetooth speaker. But it’s an awesome one and it’s definitely ready to roar and look cool doing it. The Pocket Party [$25] is a pocket-sized expandable Bluetooth speaker that combines powerful and bass-enhanced sound with a music-synced light show. And with it’s unique vibration mode, you can turn any pizza box into a Subwoofer for bigger bass sound. We actually tried it out and it it’s amazing. Pocket Party is not just a party trick, it’s the real deal no matter how you slice it. The X-Bass technology used in the Pocket Party breaks the ‘sound barrier’ of pocket size speakers using advanced acoustic, driver and electronic design. The resulting sound is really amazing.You can even use it as your tablet stand with it’s suction cup and curving the base.

Preorder: Indiegogo