They don’t call it table tennis for nothing. This clever ping-pong dining table [$9,500] allows you to host a lovely meal for your friends, then, after all the dishes have been cleared, host a friendly — or downright competitive — ping-pong tournament. It’s your turn to serve … loser does the dishes. James DeWulf’s Ping-Pong dining table puts a sporty spin on outdoor entertaining. The 9′ l. x 5′ w. x 30″ h. table is made of concrete , and comes with a clip-on net. This table is an extraordinary object, equally an arrestingly chic dining table and a perfect ping-pong table. When one thinks of the beginnings of ping pong as an after-dinner British parlor game, the idea to combine the two in one table is all the more brilliant. It is regulation size for ping-pong, with acid-etched boundary lines and a flawlessly smooth surface–ideal for bouncing balls. Transitioning it to a dining table requires nothing but the removal of the net.

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