The Pineapple Power T-Shirt [$21] is perfect for the hipster, indie, hippy, bohemian girl in your life! The pineapple is becoming very popular on social media and if you got this for your girl, she would be so excited to show it off to her friends. I showed this shirt to my friends and they ALL fell in love with it and 3 of them have purchased their own Pineapple T-Shirts from BApparel. Since the shirt is black and white, it goes perfect with any outfit and will have all eyes on its owner! It’s super soft and lightweight but also very sturdy, making it perfect for the summer adventures ahead! This shirt is also good for men, since it is a graphic T-Shirt. So this is the perfect gift to keep on hand for a girl or boy!     – Beth  –  Gifts For Your Girl Reporter

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