We’ve seen a lot of cool docking/charging stations and Bluetooth speakers for smartphones but we haven’t seen anything quite as cool as Phoniture [$99]. Phoniture is a revolutionary smartphone dock stylish enough to fit in with your home decor or in your office. The Phoniture armchair serves as both a sturdy phone charging station and night-light, making it the perfect bedside companion. Joaquin Phoenix would feel very comfortable putting Samantha in this comfy chair. In that scenario, their conversations would take place via the ottoman. The portable ottoman includes built-in high quality wireless Bluetooth speakers and a noise reduction microphone. With a battery life of over three hours, you can listen to music or talk hands-free (to your OS or “real people”) from anywhere in your office, all while “Samantha” conveniently charges in the Phoniture armchair.  The system pairs easily, sounds incredible and looks awesome. Phoniture is available in blue, red, or black, and fits all smartphone styles and sizes, from the iPhone to the larger Samsung Galaxy Note.  Phoniture is currently on sale for $79 during their end of winter sale and they offer free shipping always!

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