The Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D [$179.95] combines GyroFlex 3D, UltraTrack heads and SkinGlide which results in an extremely close and comfortable shave in fewer strokes. GyroFlex 3D provides three-dimensional-contouring.  It pivots around, tilts inward, and flexes outward to adjust seamlessly to every curve of the face and neck, minimizing pressure and irritation. The UltraTrack heads have three tracks: channels to catch the longer hairs, slots to catch the normal hairs, and holes to catch even the shortest stubble; catching every hair with fewer strokes. The SkinGlide system reduces pressure and irritation by combining a smooth surface with rounded edges, to glide effortlessly over the skin; and the Aquatec sealing enables the use of shaving gel for additional skin protection. And the awesomeness factor is taken to the next level with the fact that the 1290X is the only SensoTouch 3D razor with a unique touch sensitive power button that illuminates when it senses movement.

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