The Peruvian Strap [$85] is an awesome guitar strap that is handwoven according to fair trade guidelines in Peru. They use natural dyes. It’s woven into traditional patterns native to Peru. The artisans get paid a fair wage and are not exposed to workplace toxins or pollutants. Many are women who work from home and have small children playing nearby. Each strap is as unique as the artisan that makes it. It’s a really beautiful guitar strap that’s already catching on with indie rock heroes like Doug Martsch and Kurt Vile. But it’s not just about great looks and good world citizenship, the Peruvian Strap is top notch quality. You’ll  be passing this strap down to your kids. If it breaks or wears out from normal use, just send it back and they’ll either fix it or replace it for you. Unless you cut it in half with scissors, this strap isn’t going to break on you. We love the Peruvian Strap and have given it the Uber Apparatus Best of Breed Award.

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