The party is only days away and you can barely mix a screwdriver cocktail, not very impressive. Well, the Perfect Drink Bartending System [$64.95] is the solution for your dilemma. You will be a world-class bartender at your next cocktail party! The set includes a smart-scale paired with an instructive mobile app for your iPhone, iPod or Android device. You will be creating perfectly proportioned cocktails in no time.Simply place your glass or the included cocktail shaker on the scale and start pouring. The smart app knows the density of every ingredient so that it can tell you exactly when to stop pouring. Use the “serving size” feature to fill large party pitchers and the “cabinet” feature to only display cocktails that can be made with the liquors you have readily available. Includes a cocktail shaker, two pouring spouts, smart scale, and phone/tablet stand.

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