Penumbra Tables Beer Pong Tables [$2,250.00 to $4,000.00] are the future of beer pong!  These light up LED tables blink the custom center design to the music, hover your ping pong balls in an air stream, and are “smart” so they know all the possible re-racks of cups and will light up around the cups as you move them into different configurations.  Made with an aluminum or wood base and a waterproof 1/4” plexiglass top these tables can take almost anything you can dole out while throwing the most amazing parties in town. Penumbra can create your beer pong table with a custom center design of your choosing for a small extra fee.  Made in America these tables also support American jobs.  The beer pong tables come with either an aluminum base with folding legs, or for a little more you can get a sweet wooden base.  Penumbra also offers a center design for an added fee.  These tables are the wave of the future and that is why they deserve the Uber Apparatus Best of Breed!

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