The Pax Vaporizer [$249.99] is a sleek portable unit from Ploom. This vape is uber advanced and has some awesome, unique features that sets it apart from others. The overwhelming comments we heard from our testers was  how easy the Pax is to use. Everything from packing the oven, changing the heat, taking draws, and charging  is super simple and extremely user-friendly. The Pax is small and discreet, which is great because stealth is important to consider when choosing a good portable vape. Most people who see a Pax will think it’s a USB Charger or something like that. But we all know that the most important factor when purchasing a vape is it’s efficiency at vaping your herbs, and the Pax provides superior vapor quality and taste. The oven (or heating chamber) is designed to maximize the surface area of the herbs being heated, and this helps increase the quality and strength of the vapor. Our testers have tried numerous devices and the unanimous decision is that the Pax is so much better than any other vaporizer that they have ever tried, that we have awarded the Pax by Ploom the Uber Apparatus Best of Breed Award.  One tester said…“It’s like all the positive things are there that you get with a traditional session, but without the searing pain in your lungs.” … I couldn’t have said it better!

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