The PA4 Putt and Approach from Prodigy is an under stable putter offered by one of the elite disc makers in the word. The PA4 was designed for disc golfers of all skill levels. The PA4  turns up when thrown hard and will then present a long glide with a benign turning finish. From about 125 feet, the PA4 is flat-out one of the most solid putters I’ve used (especially on upshots).  As I began to trust the PA4’s natural undertstable flight path, it repeatedly delivered sweet straight lines without hyzering or turning over. It held a modest anhyzer line and and can hold a usefully controllable hyzer line with a straight finish. The PA4 is definitely for you if you, if you’re like me and really dig an undertstable flight path when approaching. It has become the disc that I use on about 50% of my shots now.

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