Once in a while, we come across something that we didn’t realize we needed until we see it. And that describes the Original Jones Golf Bag [$139.95] perfectly. It is, after all, the most successful and iconic carry bag in the history of the game. Everything we loved about the Original has been remade using the toughest modern-day materials. It has a single strap and no stand. It has all of 3 zippered pouches-room for everything except the distractions of too much stuff. The Original Jones combines old-world values we love with new age technology we need. Jones Sports Company was originally founded back in 1971 when a part time cabbie/golfer in Portland, Oregon cobbled together what would become the Original Jones golf bag, the single strap carry bag used by most high school, collegiate and amateur golfers in the 70s and 80s. The brand is back and so is the Original Jones.

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