The Orbit Pro from Izzi Gadgets [$229.99] is the most tech-savvy case you’ll find for the iPhone 5/5s, with it’s four interchangeable lenses it is easier than ever to switch up photo angles on the fly. It’s dramatic perspectives and high-quality performance will ensure that you’ll never take a bad photo ever again. Set your lens to the 2X Telephoto Lens and capture great distance photos, like a surfer catching an epic wave! The 180-Degree Fisheye lens is ideal for all panoramic style shots, overhead event crowd shots or group shots. You won’t leave anyone or anything out of your shot when you snapping photos with this 0.67X Wide-Angle Lens. Or get up close & personal with your subject to reveal every little detail with the Macro Lens that is revealed by flipping up the Wide-Angle Lens. 3 different tripod mounts give photographers the angles and precision they desire – simply attach a tripod to the bottom or either side of your unit. (Tripods sold separately.) The Orbit Pro is the best iPhone Lens System we’ve seen. If this isn’t Uber Apparatus, I don’t know what is.

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