Exfoliate and massage your back, hands-free and listen to your favorite tunes! How? Well with a new shower product called the Octaloofah, soon to be the number one reason to hog the shower for as long as possible. The Octaloofah is a hands-free back scrubbing device with a twist of fun, excitement, pleasure, jubilation and exfoliation all wrapped into one. The inventor of the Octaloofah believes that the shower process has grown stale, nowadays it’s all about rushing in and out, the Octallofah will help you relax in the shower again. That’s right, relax, listen to some music on the built-in bluetooth speaker and even take calls from your girl. You gotta love that! So back this project and get ready to de-stress yourself or even gift it to a friend, just donate $49.00 or more and  Octaloofah is yours.

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