Where do you put your Wireless Bluetooth Speaker when you are on-the go?  Well, the NYNE NB-200 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker [$79.95] proves that you can take it with you – in your bag, on your bike, or poolside. You can also attach the NB-200 to your handlebars or onto your kids stroller or even on your grandpa’s walker with the provided mounting hardware.  A robust, earth shaking sound with incredible detail and happening lows. And check this out…  you can use it’s  built-in microphone for hands-free AND conference calling. Sync up your Bluetooth device and jam out for up to five hours with the rechargeable lithium batteries.  And like all products made by the good folks at NYNE,  it comes with a full 2 year warranty.  Definitely one of the best wireless speakers on the market.  BOOYAH!

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