Are you tired of the hassle and mess of cleaning your betta fish aquarium? Then the NoClean Desktop Aquarium for Bettas [$69.99] is exactly what you need! No cords, no messes, no replacement filters, no chasing fish with a net, no removing rocks or plants and no gravel vacuuming. In order to clean the aquarium, all you have to do is simply pour a glass of water into the tank and in less than 60 seconds the aquarium has cleaned itself! There is a special reservoir beneath the rocks that captures the waste as it works its way to the bottom, keeping the water crystal clear. The unique design of the plumbing system links the hidden waste reservoir to the copper spout, easily removing the trapped waste and replenishing the tank with clean fresh water. It’s also eco-friendly, you can use the nutrient-rich waste water to fertilize plants! The purpose of this no clean aquarium is to provide a happy and healthy home for betta fish.

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