The classically styled Native Eyewear Haskill Polarized Sunglasses [$159-$179] not only shield the old oculars from harmful solar rays and fatiguing glare, but they also protect your peepers from the carbonate polarized lenses. I’m not suggesting that you’re a klutz, but, if you happen to take a “digger”, the Rhyno-Tuff frame and impact-resistant lenses would go unscathed; and the innovative Anti-Ocular Intrusion system keeps lenses from ejecting toward your eyeballs. But that probably won’t happen. What is more likely to happen is that you’re going to play in the sun with clear, high-contrast vision and shielding comfort. Unlike most eyewear brands, Native Eyewear doesn’t ask you to compromise function for performance or performance for style – Native uniquely straddles all three. I’ve tried a LOT of sunglasses over the years and these rank up there with the best (if not THE BEST) pair I’ve ever worn. These shades will have you feeling like a boss!

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