This past holiday season witnessed the introduction of the CX-Style Nano Drone, the first iteration of the miniature quadcopter from Morrison Innovations. Now, the design team has put the finishing touches on an updated version of the tiny drone – packed with an array of new and useful features. The new and improved Nano Drone [$40] features a bevy of design enhancements. First, the addition of top and side impact guards virtually eliminates the problem of blades flying off when the quadcopter bumps a ceiling or wall. Similarly, skid guards on the bottom make for safe and tangle-free carpet landings. While it’s not indestructible, the new version is definitely sturdier and more forgiving. They have also upgraded the flight mechanics of the Nano Drone. Three-speed calibration enables smoother lift and pinpoint maneuverability, while on-board six-axis stabilization software allows the tiny quadcopter to hover like never before. To bring this quadcopter to consumers, the company launched an Indiegogo campaign that has already hit its funding target.

Preorder: Indiegogo