The mykeyO Keyboard¬†[$39.95] is not just another Bluetooth keyboard. It’s a Bluetooth keyboard and a desktop organizer all in one. The keyboard lifts up on a hinge to reveal a compartmentalized desk organizer. It really can be used in a number of ways. I use it with my iPad but it can be used with any Bluetooth enabled device that uses a keyboard. As I write this, I have my iPhone and iPad resting in the stand. The mykeyO¬†also has holders for both a pen and a stylus on either side so it’s great for lefties or righties. At this price point you won’t find a better device of this type. I’ve actually never even seen another device of this type. It is very light weight but that’s not to say it’s flimsy. It’s actually very sturdy. And it also comes with that “new electronics” smell that we love.

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