Motorola Talkabout Two-Way Radios [$109.99] are ideal for use when out of cell phone range at the hunting lodge, on the trail, camping, paddling and even at the park. They feature reliable two-way communication up to a 35 mile range … that’s not a typo … THIRTY FIVE MILES!. They feature a camouflage design, flashlight, hands-free capability, NOAA weather channels and best of all they are WATERPROOF and FLOAT providing protection from wet weather conditions – both snow and rain — so they’re perfect to take on winter hiking and skiing expeditions without worries. They provide peace-of-mind in the great outdoors by allowing adventurers to stay connected and hear important weather alerts when out of cell phone range.  They guys here at Uber use these Motorola Talkabout Two-Way Radios to keep in touch while we’re on safari and in the bush.

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