Cell phones are great, but when you need 100% guaranteed communication – regardless of your coverage area – then you need these two-way radios. The Motorola MU350R Two-Way Radio [$149.99 per pair] are the first TALKABOUT consumer two-way radios to feature Bluetooth technology. By pairing the Bluetooth-enabled Motorola MU350R with a Bluetooth headset, hunters can communicate wirelessly without having to worry about getting tangled up with bulky cords for maximum convenience in any outdoor setting. You can easily monitor your radio channel and press the built-in push-to-talk (PTT) button when you need to share important information or alert your group to impending danger. And, for situations where greater flexibility and unrestricted communication is needed, a Bluetooth PTT button is also available. It can easily be clipped on a vest and connects wirelessly to the radio and headset, allowing you to easily communicate, while staying focused on your game. (Bluetooth headset and Bluetooth PTT button are sold separately.) The MU350R features Talkabout Clear, which enhances sound quality for clearer transmissions at a higher volume by reducing distortion with a Class D amplifier. With its unique Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology,hunters have even greater audio clarity, making it easier to communicate with others in the field or at camp. And, for those moments when silence is especially important, hunters will appreciate the VibraCall function, which silently alerts them to incoming transmissions by vibrating without disturbing game.

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