The Uber Apparatus Swagger Guru is always looking for the hottest new sunglasses. Shades that not only look cool but perform at a uber-high level. Well, the Guru just found a pair that he loves. These Missing Pieces – Coffee Tortoise Sunglasses from OTIS Eyewear [$180] are classically casual yet smart and sophisticated. They feature silver rivet details with a refreshing take on tortoise. Like all OTIS sunglasses, they also feature Mineral Glass lenses. Mineral Glass is created from natural elements like sand and soda ash. It’s endlessly recyclable and harmless to both people and animals. In addition to its pristine optical clarity, Mineral Glass is highly resistant to scratching and distortion making it the best lens material on earth. To really get a sense of how tough these lenses are, check out this video. The frames are made of acetate which has become the standard raw material used to build long lasting fashion optics. Because the frame’s hue is embedded in the material rather than painted onto the surface, it retains its color brightness forever. OTIS has roots in coastal culture, design, art, music, fashion and everything else that encompasses this lifestyle. Needless to say, the Swagger Guru digs OTIS and reports that these OTIS sunglasses are top notch in every aspect.

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