The Michael Kelly Hybrid Special Electric Guitar [$649.00] is the easiest and quickest way there is to go from sweet acoustic tones to screaming electric leads – and everything in between! If you’ve ever wished for screaming electric and sweet acoustic tones in one single guitar, this perfect blend is now possible with the new Michael Kelly Hybrid guitars. The Hybrids are the perfect stage and studio instruments because they instantly switch from full acoustic guitar tone to a ripping electric tone! I am using this very guitar on my Fitz Ryan Kickstarter Project Album that I’ll be recording in January 2014. The moment I laid this beauty in my hands, I was in love! The tones that it delivers are incredible. I have played a few hollow bodies before, but Michael Kelly has taken the hollow body guitar a few steps forward. The Hybrid can also BLEND both tones together for almost infinite tonal combinations, creating endless variations of a two-axe wall of sound attack!

Play a Michael Kelly Hybrid Special Electric Guitar

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