Capcom just launched the Mega Man Legacy Collection. The collection features truly faithful reproductions of all six of the original 8-bit Mega Man games thanks to the new Eclipse Engine. To contextualize the era in which these games were originally released, Legacy Collection also includes an in-game Museum which has hundreds of pieces of high-res art, such as original concept sketches, production art and more. Also new in this collection is Challenge Mode, which will give long-time fans a new way to play all of the games through remixes stages that’ll have you jumping from Mega Man 2, straight into part of a stage from Mega Man 3, plus Boss Rush style challenges and more. Leaderboards for the challenges also feature video replays of top talent so players will actually be able to learn from the best. The game is currently available digitally for $14.99 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. A Nintendo 3DS digital release, as well as physical versions for PS4, Xbox One and 3DS are planned for early 2016.

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