MEDEA ultra-premium vodka is the world’s only customizable LED message band built onto the bottle. Medea’s patented LED technology allows you to program the bottle with a personalized message. You can program the bottle to say whatever you want—or can’t. Such as, “I love you;” or “Will You Marry Me?” or, maybe just “Let’s Get $%&*ed UP!”   If you won a bar… suffice it to say there is no back bar display like it.That, in-its-self, makes it awesome in my book. But it’s not just a gimmicky bottle, MEDEA is also the recipient of three awards from the Los Angeles International Spirits Competition (2015). MEDEA ultra-premium vodka is distilled with pure artesian water in Schiedam, Holland, at one of the most respected distilleries in the world. Medea Vodka is smooth and can be sipped by itself or complemented by your favorite mix. It’s distributed through Young’s Market Company on the West Coast, and RNDC in the South East. MEDEA is also available in select stores in New York and New Jersey, British Columbia, Mexico, Columbia, France, Australia, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.