Sundown you better take care. If I find you been creepin’ ‘round my back stairs! Sounds like Gordon Lightfoot could have used the Maximus Smart Security Light [$199] to catch that son-of-a-bitch… The heavy duty outdoor metal and glass wall lantern is serious business, yet looks awesome and classy.What makes it super-cool though is that it includes a 720P HD Video Camera and Smart Technology to live stream video from your home right to your phone. Receive real-time notifications when a visitor is detected at your door. When motion is detected, push notifications are sent via their mobile app directly to your smart phone. Not only can you see who is at your door, but you can communicate with them via the live Intercom two way voice feature. You can speak live or send pre-recorded voice messages via your smart phone. With the push of a button, sound an alarm to deter unwanted folks. Maximus supports iOS and Android devices. This light fixture also includes an Energy Star certified A19 450 Lumens bulb. Gordon would love it!

Buy: Home Depot