The Mason Jar Speaker and Amplifier uses a glass canning jar enclosure.  The battery-operated speaker components are in the “lid” and just screws down onto the jar.  You’ll just need to plug your audio source in.  It comes with its own Mason jar, and the assembly is 3.5″ in diameter and 5″ tall.  It’s $65 (Save $15 and get it for $50 if you pre-order now at Trash Amps).

  • Made in USA using Earth Friendly design and materials
  • Portable speaker for your smart phone, iPod, laptop, and more
  • Doubles as a practice electric guitar amp
  • Automatically turns on when music plays and off when it stops to conserve battery life
  • Automatically detects what type of device you plug-in using telepathy (MP3 or Guitar) and adjusts the settings accordingly
  • 1.4W amplifier with 2 inch full range driver
  • 3 AAA batteries (included) give you 20 hours of music time
  • 3.5mm Cord included, so you’re ready to rock, straight out the box
  • Request a free guitar adapter in the “order comments” section during checkout!