Endulge in ManCave The Originals Gift Set [$49.95], containing ManCave’s Face Wash, Moisturiser, Natural Deodorant, Cedarwood Shower Gel and Caffeine Shampoo. ManCave’s FaceWash was developed to be refreshing and deep-cleansing without over-drying your skin. The ManCave moisturizer hydrates, mattifies and stimulates your man skin so you always look fresh. The Natural Deodorant is formulated with Silver Citrate, which everyone knows is an uber-excellent natural anti-bacterial ingredient that abolishes bacterial odor. You then replace that nasty funk with a fresh forest fragrance leaving you naturally protected for up to 24 hours. I tried some this weekend and the moment I stepped out of the shower I felt revitalized after using ManCave’s Cedarwood Shower Gel and Caffeine Shampoo. Now, wherever my travels take me, I’m taking a little part of my ManCave with me.

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