When you feel the need to go excessive in a rubber band fight we found the apparatus for you. Magnum Junior Devastator Gatling Gun [$498] is the ultimate rubber band weapon. You just have to load the 80-shot Gatling Gun with rubber bands and prepare to be leave multiple marks on your enemy. This weapon looks like its namesake and sprays rubber bands like fire hose sprays water. It flings them up to 40 feet away. It’s roughly three feet long and two feet high. It sits on a tripod base and articulates up, down, left and right, for shooting in any direction. This rubber band weapon is a finely crafted work of art made out of poplar. Each Junior Devastator is custom made–one at a time–by skilled woodworkers. The Junior Devastator comes with a 1-lb bag of non-lethal blue rubber band ammo. It’s 100% American made.

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