To the unknowing eye, a MagnaReady Shirt [$65] looks just like any other dress shirt hanging in the closet. Same collar and cuffs, same row of little white buttons down the front. But, those buttons are merely for looks. Hidden inside the placket of a MagnaReady shirt are powerful magnets that link together for a secure closure. Decorative buttons grace the exterior of MagnaReady shirts for a crisp and professional appearance without the hassle of manipulating tiny buttons into buttonholes. You will never have to worry about missing a button or lining them up wrong again. Now you can rip off your shirt like a boss and not ruin it. While this shirt is a great shirt for anyone, it is also an awesome present for anyone who has a medical condition (like arthritis) that has difficulty manipulating buttons. One of our interns ordered two for his grandfather. You can order two shirts for $119.00 with free shipping.

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