Vibram Disc Golf  has an incredible long range driver called the Lace [$17.95] . I recently had the good fortune to try out their complete set of long range drivers that are based on the Lace – which is rated as the farthest flying golf disc on the market (by The three discs are … The Lace (their first distance driver), The unLace – the understable complement, and the O-Lace – the overstable complement (release date in early November). All three discs have a similar wing feel which allows you to get consistent distance and predictable results when switching from one to the  other.  They come in these crazy multi-colors that look sweet when sailing down the fairway. These disc are awesome! But don’t just take my word for it, go get a set and have yourself a birdie-fest!

Update: (Here’s the picture of all three discs)

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