The key has evolved! The Kevo [$219.00] is the market’s first touch-to-open smart lock that transforms your smartphone into a convenient electronic key (eKey). No more fumbling around with your keys at the front door, simply replace your existing deadbolt with the Kevo, sync with your smartphone and touch to lock/unlock your front door. With the iOS app/web portal users can manage locks, send or revoke ekey access to family/friends, even view a lock history should they so choose. Those without a compatible smartphone can still use one of the included keyfobs for the same level of touch-to-open convenience. The installation and set up is super easy. I was able to replace my existing deadbolt in less than 45 minutes. A few other guys around the Uber Apparatus office have Kevo installed on their houses, and like me, they love the Kevo. It also looks pretty freaking cool too. The Kevo is absolutely Uber Apparatus and we have awarded it the Uber Apparatus Best Of Breed Award.

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