The Koss Pro4S Studio Headphone [$150] aren’t  your typical headphones. They are specifically crafted for professionals who use headphones to create the world’s greatest music. Featuring the all-new SLX40 element, tuned for reference, the Pro4S Studio Headphone delivers an incredibly accurate and unbiased sound, perfect for any studio or creative environment. They feature the iconic, natural fitting “D-profile” earcup, first featured on the ergonomically designed Koss Pro4AAA. The D-profile mimics the shape of your ear, creating the ideal seal for consistent sound reproduction and an incredibly natural fit for your extended creative sessions.  Aluminum earcups with memory foam cushions wrapped in soft protein leather make the Pro4S Studio Headphone structurally strong yet incredibly comfortable. The integrated, metal-on-metal assembly of the headphone makes them extremely robust in areas where other headphones usually fail. With a detachable cord with dual-choice entry, you can choose which earcup to connect to for optimum adaptability. Once the cord is attached, the opposite side becomes an output, allowing pass-through listening or daisy chaining for extended monitoring. The bass of the Pro4s is quick, deep and punchy and they have a superbly wide soundstage with a amazing gain in clarity with the upper-mids as well as the treble. I love these headphones and they are always at the ready. They fold flat into a snazzy travel case for easy portability.

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