We love a rugged power bank and the engineers over at Outdoor Tech have made a bear of one. The Kodiak 6000 USB power bank [$49.95] is waterproof, shockproof and everything just shy of bear proof! Just like the thick skinned Kodiak bear, the Kodiak USB power bank has a ultra-rugged layer of silicone that will keep the 6000 mAh power bank safe from whatever you throw at it. Conveniently accessible at all times is the battery level indicator button. Just push it and the power level indicator (or “Hunger Meter”) lights up to show you how much juice you have left. Like all gear from Outdoor Tech, the Kodiak kicks ass! Small, light, strong, powerfully, cool looking. Wait, am I describing the Kodiak or me? Nah, it’s the Kodiak. I’m not small or light.

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