Gamers, get ready for combat. The new KeyMander [$99.95] from IOGEAR arms console gamers with the competitive advantage of a keyboard and mouse for PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360® by converting signals to replace the joystick controller. The KeyMander provides precision accuracy to any game by mapping controller commands to keys on a USB keyboard and mouse. Gamers will be able to leverage this technology with next generation gaming systems early 2014 through a free firmware update. Our resident gamer – Willie D. – couldn’t wait to get his hands on the KeyMander. He hooked it up to the PS3 in the Uber Lounge and tried it out on one of his favorite games – Far Cry 3,  and reported…

“The KeyMander is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. I am able to play with a precision that is impossible to achieve with the standard controller. Give this thing 4 thumbs up!”

He also reported that it was simple to set up and easy to configure to his liking. The KeyMander has been Uber Tested and is Uber Awesome!