Legendary British loudspeaker manufacturer KEF expands into the portable Hi-Fi electronic category with KEF M500 on-ear headphones [$250]. On the inside, world-class mechanics create a powerfully musical sound with a tight, clean bass within a detailed, powerful soundscape—so you’re listening to music the way the artists intended you to. The outside boasts a sleek aluminum look, built in collaboration with Porsche Design, and includes a Smart Hinge allowing the M500 to easily fold, rotate, and adapt to heads of all shapes and sizes. The Smart Hinge also enables the M500 to fold neatly into the accompanying stylish protective carrying case. Perhaps lost in the awesome sound quality of M500 is the amazing comfort they deliver. These ears have worn the best headphones in the world and none have surpassed the KEF M500.

Buy: Apple Store and KEFDirect.com